Notification on Use of Unfair Means in Examinations (Mobile phones & other gadgets)

F No/SAU/31-3/2014                                                                                                                               28 th April, 2016


This is to inform all concerned that use of Mobile Phones and other devices like:


i-pads, Notebooks, Tablets etc. during the examination constitutes use of unfair means and accordingly the use of electronic devices banned during the various examinations of the University. Faculty members and invigilators are requested to ensure that students comply with this.


Any student found in possession of any such electronic device will not be allowed to continue with the examination and will be reported to the Chairperson of the Department/ Dean of the Faculty. Based on the Dean’s report, suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the student under the Bye-Laws on the use of Unfair Means in the Examination.



Deputy Registrar Evaluation

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