7th July 2014


Registration Schedule of Students for Monsoon Semester 2014

 After the summer break, the University will reopen on the 26th of July 2014. The following registration schedule is proposed for both new and  continuing  students:

                                                                   Fresher                                          Continuing Students

  1. Registration without late fee:            23rd -25th Jul, 2014                            28th Jul, 2014 – 1st Aug, 2014

  2. Registration with late fee:              26th Jul, 2014 - 14th Aug, 2014             2nd - 14th Aug, 2014

   (US$ 10 or INR 600)


  All students who want to repeat/improve their grades should also register as per above schedule.


  Fee Payments

                                                              Day Scholars                                                     Hostellers

  Semester Fee                                         US$ 440                                                           US$ 500

                                                                   Or                                                                        Or

                                                                 INRs. 26,400                                                  INRs. 30,000


  Students Aid Fund                                 INRs. 50                                                         INRs. 50


 No Registration of students will be permitted after 14th August 2014.


  Anwar Ul Haq                                                                                                               Maina Kharga

  Deputy Registrar                                                                                                           Deputy Registrar

  Admissions                                                                                                                   Evaluation


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