Registration Schedule for Monsoon Semester 2015-2016


Ref.: SAU/30-3 /201418thJune 2015


For those continuing students who wish to pay in instalment due to financial condition, registration with instalments proposed for Monsoon Semester are as follows:


Earthquake Advisory

What to do during an earthquake.



At the time of an Earthquake or soon after the Earthquake has taken place:

1) Do not go to the balconies of the rooms or near the windows as these are near the edge of the building.
2) As quickly as possible evacuate the building without panic.  DO NOT USE LIFTS. Using staircase is more safe.
3) The safe places inside the hostel rooms are
     i)  Under the bed, under the tables.
     ii) In the corner of the rooms.  
4) The safe places outside the building are
     i) Open space near the swimming pool.
     ii) Open space near the entry gate.
5) Try to be away from the building by at least 20-30 meters.  







This is to inform all concerned that use of Mobile Phones and other gadgets like i-pads, Notebooks, Tablets etc. during the examination is an act of indulging unfair means in the examinations and accordingly Mobile Phones and other gadgets are banned during various examinations of the University. Students are advised not to carry with them phones and any such gadgets during the examinations. Faculty members and invigilators are requested to ensure that students comply with this.


If any student is found using unfair means, including use of mobile phones and any other gadgets, he/she should not be allowed to continue the examination and the same needs to be reported to the Chairperson of the Department/ Dean of the Faculty and the report needs to be forwarded to the University for taking disciplinary action under the Bye-Law on use of Unfair means in the examination.


This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.


27th April, 2015

F No/SAU/31-3/2014


Deputy Registrar


Circular on Attendance


No: SAU/RO/04/15177 18th February, 2015


The University has clearly defined the rules and regulations for the academic evaluation of the students. The following may once again be noted :

  1. In order to facilitate timely disbursement of scholarship and financial support to the students and to ensure smooth examinations, 75% attendance is compulsory for all students to qualify for appearing end semester examination, as per the Byelaw on Compulsory Class attendance which reads as under :


Information on Swine Flu

Directorate General of Health Services Guidelines (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)


Directorate of Health Services (Govt of NCT of Delhi): Information For Public 




Health Ministry issues fresh guidelines on swine flu

Indian Express

Times of India


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