Acting President’s Message


Dear Students,


Barely have we recovered from the first devastating wave of Covid-19 that hit us in the first quarter of last year, the second wave of the deadly disease is here in a more forceful way. The daily infection count in the whole of India is rising at an alarming rate. Similar is the case for the daily death count.


Delhi, where we operate in, is one of the worst hit cities in the country and no respite is visible in the near horizon. Hospitals and health centres of every scale in the city are overburdened with Covid patients and this is an unprecedented crisis, bordering towards a total collapse of the healthcare system.


In such a scenario, we as an institution, must take utmost care, more than even before. Please continue to maintain Covid-appropriate behaviours. In fact, I must thank each one of you for the co-operation you have extended so far in making sure that the SAU campus is least impacted by the pandemic. As you understand, we are located in a single building with enclosed common facilities which pose a high probability of disease transmission.


Given the alarming rise in Covid cases and scarcity in terms of medical oxygen, medicines, hospital beds and overall healthcare services, we will be taking up a series of measures and advisories in the interest of your safety and well-being. I appeal to you to co-operate with the University in ensuring that these measures and advisories are observed in the truest sense.


In the meantime, please continue to maintain social distancing and other safety practices as far as possible. We all must play our part in facing the ongoing pandemic.


Stay safe and stay healthy.


Best Regards,

Prof. R K Mohanty
Acting President


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