Message from The Acting President

It is a great pleasure to share with you that I have assumed the charge of Acting President of South Asian University with effect from 11th July 2020 (AN).

As you know South Asian University (SAU) is a premier international university, one of its kind, set up by the eight SAARC member countries, for the purpose of research and post graduate studies and development of mutual cooperation and harmony amongst the SAARC nations. The results of this initiative are discernible, as within a short span of one decade, the university has achieved many a milestones and garnered many accolades. SAU is seen as an evolving research and academic institute whose alumni are already creating a niche for themselves globally in the academic fields as well as other economic spheres. Such magnificent strides have been made possible due to our united efforts and contributions towards achieving excellence and thereby, becoming a much sought after destination for international students.

Being associated with SAU from its very infancy, I have an emotional bonding with this institution. The SAU campus has always been a very colourful and lively place because of the presence of students from SAARC countries, who have actively excelled at curricular and cultural activities. However, due to the unprecedented situation created by COVID-19 pandemic, that has engulfed the entire world with its unpredictable future, the education sector, including SAU, has been adversely affected.

The need of the hour is to survive as well as to maintain one’s livelihood. Since, despite the ongoing crisis, the system cannot come to a halt, been trying to continue working while following the guidelines issued by the Government of India guidelines to avoid community transmission. In the present circumstances, our responsibilities have become manifold since we have to run the system along with its challenges. I have complete faith in the capability, sense of responsibility and strength of my colleagues and staff members who are continuing to combat the present crisis successfully. Being the Acting President is certainly a new responsibility for me and I solicit full cooperation and support of all my colleagues, staff members and students in the larger interest of SAU. Your inputs and suggestions in the interest of SAU in the present crisis are always welcome.

To combat the present crisis, we have to follow the Government guidelines and the future course of action would depend upon the then prevailing circumstances.

Being a faculty of this organisation and a part of SAU from the very beginning, I am well aware of the hardships we may encounter. In the backdrop of the present crisis, I would seek co-operation and empathy from all the SAARC countries, who have always shown impeccable co-operation and support for the sustainable growth of this University. I also solicit the co-operation of all SAARC students, faculties, staff members and officers to confront the current challenges; not only to combat the crisis but also to simultaneously think of sustenance and growth of SAU. For such purpose, until the prevailing pandemic, I will be virtually available to take any noble suggestion/ initiative from the students / staff / faculty to retain the progress and glory of this unique institution.

Prof. R.K. Mohanty


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